Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chapter 1

The brilliant blue wings of the butterfly fluttered subtly as Gwen gently cupped her hand around it. The butterfly came to rest in her delicate elven hand as she gazed serenely at the intricate creation within her grasp. Gwen had a penchant for the finer details in life and the invisible village of Kasane was abundantly blessed with them.

Almost imperceptibly, a deep rumbling came from the heart of the green earth. The butterfly’s peaceful perch began to shake, and it darted away. Curious, Gwen rested her fair head softly against the ground listening… listening… The rumbling grew louder and louder, until it seemed that the pounding originated within her chest.

A huge smile spread across her face as the source of the poundings came into view over the hill: the entire Kasane army marching in unison. Gwen leapt up from the ground and gazed intently at the warriors as they passed by. Since she was a little girl Gwen’s father had captained the warriors of Kasane. There were many memories of the early mornings when she would watch with pride as the warriors passed through the village.

But something was different today. The battle-hardened faces of the elven army held a measure of intensity not usually present. Gwen bounded gracefully down the hillside towards the line of warriors, but was halted by her father’s sudden presence at her side.

“Gweniliere, you mustn’t follow us today. Go home to your mother and help her watch after your brothers and sisters. They need you.”

“Papa, what’s happening? Where are the troops moving to?”

“Tau has returned. Go home, Gwen.”

“Tau? He’s back? But that’s impossible! Lesedi placed a guard over the gates after Tau was vanquished. He would have no way of locating Kasane… how can he be back?!”

“Let us worry about that. He’s back, and there’s no time to lose. Return home and keep the peace as best you can.”

But the peace of the morning had been shattered, and Gwen’s heart plummeted. If Tau had located the city, he may already be within the borders!

“Will you be taking the warriors to meet him outside the city? Do Mahalapye and Chobe know of his return? You’re going to send someone to Gaborone and tell them to send help, right? If Kasane is captured, the rest of the cities will be in danger, too.”

“We can’t spare any of our warriors with Tau at our door!” The captain’s face softened as he held his oldest daughter’s gaze. “And right now I need you to be strong for me. Can you do that, mudiwa?”

Gwen felt uneasy at his response, but melted at the sound of her father’s name for her, “beloved.” “You know I’m strong enough, Papa.”

“That’s my girl. This will be over before you know it.” And with that, the warrior captain was gone.


Does Gwen follow her father’s instructions and go home to help her family, or follow her instincts and go to Gaborone to get help?


david young said...

if i answer honestly i say, she goes home. but i'm not going to say that. i'm going to say she follows her instincts.

Anonymous said...

If she goes home then I feel as if the story is lacking and creates frustration for the reader because we want her to follow. So, with that being said she does not go home.

Jimmy B said...

I like it! So when is the cutoff?

I have been debating it, and I say she goes home.

Erin said...

I think she debates going home, finally decides that it is the best decision, but something stops her at the last minute. Something seemingly innocent that eventually gets her into trouble.

Simone said...

Erin, we are definitely related. So I'm confused... you want her to go home?

As far as the cutoff, I was waiting to see if anyone would actually comment. Yea for comments! You guys are awesome! I will wait a little while longer since it's tied right now [insert scary music here].

ryan said...

I say she goes to her two friends, Mahalapye and Chobe and they set off to warn the other city.

Simone said...

Um, Mahalapye and Chobe are cities. I guess I didn't clarify that very well.

C-Dub said...

Goes home, but I suppose it's too late. On to chapter 2....